LSI Staffing - discriminating against College Students and Graduates

Posted on Monday, July 21st, 2014 at 2:45pm CDT by Rose W.

Product: Staffing agency

Company: LSI Staffing

Location: 4835 N O'Connor Rd. Suite #208 Irving, Texas 75062
IRVING, TX, 75062, US


Category: Other

I was contacted by this company for and phone interview and while this interview went on, Lindsey decided that a college graduate needs to take typing testes any other test that she gives to high school graduates. I was told by my college career services counselor, Jerome Davis of El Centro told many of us that do not be fooled by temp agencies who wants to test you because college students are exempt from any type of testing. The testing is for their friends who are also searching for employment can be sent on the job with your scores. This company is discriminating against college students. They are stealing our test scores.

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fb2be0b4, 2014-07-22, 02:03AM CDT

You made this same complaint against another staffing agency. For some reason, you have it in your thick head that you are exempt from testing, when you register with a staffing agency. I am going to tell you again sweetheart, it does not matter whether you have a degree. Any staffing agency wants to see what your level of skill is in different areas. No one is exempt from being tested. The staffing agency and their client wants to ensure that you can perform the duties and can perform them well. I am sorry to say, but you certainly don't seem very intelligent and I can't imagine what staffing agency is going to place you.

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