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Posted on Sunday, July 20th, 2014 at 11:19pm CDT by mike s.

Product: Fraudulent Company

Company: jtuckindustries.com

Location: 11653 MILBANK LN UNIT E

URL: jtuckindustries.com

Category: Internet Services

The sad truth is that this web designer Jeff Tucker downloaded illegally copy of a free template for free then he modified it for an hour or two, then he sold it to me $2,000. He submit it as his own custom web design. My hosting company shut down my website said there was DMCA complaint from Joomla, When I called Joomla they show me proof so I am out of $2,000. I even posted this complaint four months ago at http://www.complaintsbureau.com/ But I think that Jeff Tucker paid that site to have it removed because I can not find it on there website


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