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Maybe there is something I have missed as a disabled Vietnam Ear and Disabled Desert Storm Veteran. Several emails were sent to Lowes in references to getting a proposal to install a central air condition unit (HVAC). The emails went unanswered for a week or so. I called Charlie Harris assistant Store Manager at Lowe's Home Center, 1701 South Havana Street, Aurora, CO 80012 (303) 369-4222 on June 19, 2014 to obtain information about installing a central air condition unit (HVAC). Biggest mistake I ever made in my life. I should have stayed with the Sears proposal.

Harris was provided the deemed and necessary information for the install section to contact me. Again, I was never contacted. I placed follow-up telephone call to Harris and he stated someone would call me in references to the HVAC. I did not receive a phone call which was not surprisingly.

Due to seemly racist and negative attitude of Harris I called Lowes Corporate Office and Headquarters in Wilkesboro, N.C. In addition to this an email was sent expressing my frustration about their services' was given incident report number 1-1101070825 for tracking purposes. The headquarters company had to be contacted twice in order for Harris to call me directly.

I received telephone calls from numerous Lowes installers but none at the Havana. Harris had give my cell phone numbers to various Lowes expect his store although I clearly stated that I was closer to the Havana location. The exchange of phone calls lasted for over four hours. Outraged, I called Charlie back and told left a voice message about the matter.

Charlie called and left a voice saying "Mr. ...., this is Charlie Harris, one of the managers here at Lowes', sorry for the screw-up. If you could give me a call him at (303) 369-4622 ...." The shared racist ideology of the lack of communication for the denying the proposal and lack of customer service skills stands on its own merits.

On July 5, 2014 Curt ... Representative of Smith and Willis (Certified Trane and Lowes Installer) and Robert Burke Representative of Lowes arrived at my residents to discuss the proposal on installing the HVAC. It was agreed upon that the system would be installed on July 8, 2014. A total in the amount of $4,456.31 was paid to via Robert Burke at the Havana store for the HVAC unit.

During the transaction with Burke I mention that I was prior military but never received the ten percent discount. I had my valid ID plus a Veterans Administration Card (VIC) that says service-connected. Additional information had to submit on the contract but I was never given a copy of it.

The install desk whom identified herself as Maggie called me on July 7, 2014 to inform me that the crew would arrive at the residents at 08:00 a.m. Therefore, I had to take a day off from work at a rate of $240.00 dollars. The crew did not arrive at the specified time which caused me to call Curt.

When I finally arrived I was doing various required data on the Internet. Shortly after their arrival my Internet service became disconnected. I spent hours troubleshooting the issue to no avail.

I checked the completion of the installment and notice several totally unprofessional issues that needed to be corrected. The issues were brought to the crews' attention and an email was sent to Curt. Trash was left in the crawl space, access water was released from the hot water heater, HVAC was placed on the platform but never leveled off, lines that dangling and needed to be secured to the structure by fasteners and various other issues.

I chose not to sign off on the contract until all the items had been corrected. After the crew left the residents I continued to troubleshoot my computer in an attempt to resolve the down issue. The problem could not be resolved which prompted me to call Quest/ Century Link to analyze the problem.

The issue required the support of four technicians. To my surprise the install crew had cut the telephone line and wrapped it around the dangling pipes. The criminal act jeopardized me and my family life for three days without having telephone services.

For three days my life was at the mercy of the All Mighty if an emergency had aroused. When Lowes was contacted and made aware of the issue I did not receive an apology for the criminal action. They defended the action as if it was just "plan everyday work."

Yes, the line was cut because of the complaint I had made prior to the installment. Curt and Robert were informed about the matter and should any remorse about my complaint.

Due to the criminal act, mistrust and racist attitude by several of Lowe management and employees I asked for the HVAC to be removed due to the fact of retaliation. This is when all might HELL broke loose. I begin to see the real side of Lowes with their million plus complaints about customer service and racism towards minorities.

If you are a prospective customer I suggest you take your somewhere else. This is a prime example of paying $4,456.31 for racism. I have no reservations and I am use someone will agree had I been a color I would have received ?FIRST CLASS SERVICE.? As the old saying go ?YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.? I could have gotten better service at a food restaurant.


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