Oakridge Enegry Technologies - company not paying employees

Posted on Thursday, July 17th, 2014 at 11:09am CDT by Darin V.

Company: Oakridge Enegry Technologies

Location: 751 North Drive Suite 9 - 12

URL: http://www.oakridgeenergy.com/

Category: Business, Finances

I was working for Oakridge Energy Technologies, an older company that has been restarted. And of course with startups, come missed pays. And there were also issues with the CEO stealing and money not being used as it should be used. I did get some pays where my child support was taken from me but not paid. After yelling and screaming it was taken care of but not before much stress. The company also asked for pay cuts up to 30% and that money would be given back later as stock. There were weeks and weeks of promised infusion of cash from overseas but it just never happened. The money is still supposed to show up. So no one gets paid and they didn't lay anyone off until I finally was let go on May 3, 2014 with promise of still getting my money owed me but still being pushed away with stories about the money is coming. During all this time money was spent, on lawyers, accountants, travel, Wall Street parties, and multi-million dollar acquisitions . So I am out about $20K and not sure about the stock deal at all. I had bills go late and struggled to make ends meet. They continued during the whole time painting a wonderful picture so they can attract more money from other investors including the state, all the while not paying the employees.


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