Paypal - Paypal Buyer Protection Program doesn't work!

Posted on Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 at 9:32am CDT by Jorge M.

Company: Paypal

Location: US

Category: Business, Finances

In last March I made ??a purchase on Ebay Spain of a product located there, according to information that was contained in the page itself. What is not my dismay when after sending me the tracking number (RG364829513DE) to check the origin of it is in Hong Kong. I immediately contacted the seller and tell him that this was not correct and not blaming me for the customs fees (from Spain to Portugal, within the EU there are no fees). As it seemed to me that the seller was trying to wrap me I decided to open a case on Ebay / Paypal (within the stipulated period of 45 days). Time passed and the product was retained in the customs for paying the customs fees. In the meantime, and against all my expectations, because I thought that Paypal was fully trusted , the resolution of the case is granted to seller, merely because he made proof of having sent, although the starting location does not match the advertised and I not have received the product, contrary to what is expressly advertised in the Buyer Protection Program, in which, case the Buyer does not receive what they purchased is entitled to refund. The product, unclaimed, was returned by the Portuguese post office, which was then lost (not my fault I think) in the return path. The Deutsche Post sent me a document attesting the loss (meaning that their compensation would be delivered to the shipper, ie the seller). This document was timely mailed to Paypal, and they responded by saying that they had nothing to do because the case was now closed to them, and that I must contact the seller to resolve amicably the case. If I must contact directly the seller to solve the case, the Paypal serves for what?

Note, however that the seller stopped responding to my messages.

Concluding I lost ? 90.00.

Case: PP-003-040-752-033

Transaction ID: 5AH09851C0704431P

Seller: Rambook Ltd

Ebay User: 11777abc


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