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Posted on Monday, July 14th, 2014 at 3:52pm CDT by Rose W.

Product: Employment Services

Company: Accurate Personnel

Location: 12801 Midway Rd Suite 511 ? Dallas, Texas 75244
DALLAS, TX, 75244, US


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I am tired of being discriminated against my degree. I know for a fact from living in Washington, I do not have to take tests for temp agencies and should not be questioned if I know how to do a position that I applied for on their website because I have a college degree. I would not apply for a position if I do not qualify. Anything I am over qualify for the positions that I apply for. I am willing to take a salary cut to do this position. Do not apply to this agency even you are like me with a college graduate.

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fb2be0b4, 2014-07-15, 05:34AM CDT

I find it hard to believe that you are a college graduate, based on your poor spelling, grammar and sentence structure. Your delusions aside, anyone who applies for a position with a staffing agency is required to undertake certain skills testing.

No one cares about your imaginary degree, they just want to know that you can adequately perform the duties that are required of the position. I guess they didn't teach that to you in college, but, in all fairness, it is just common sense. :-)

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