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Posted on Monday, July 14th, 2014 at 5:07am CDT by john920 p.

Product: www.socialanxietysupport.com

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Category: Online Scams

what is wrong with websites online? it seems every forum has crazy bad moderators abusive users...socialanxietysupport.com is a horrible website...its full of ugly weird socially disturbed freaks who play self pity games the whole time...this is www.socialanxietysupport.com..

normal people should go and make fun of these ugly pitiful pathetic freaks because these losers are not only freaks and ugly rejects of society...they are bullies too and bully users for no reason and get away with it...

I began using this website...and one night was constantly attacked by two

twisted sick disturbed users... one was called 'orsomething' and she was a crazy female who kept posting disturbing baby pedophile pictures...she kept posting a picture of a baby with 'cum' on it's mouth...she is a pedophile and twisted psychopath...obviously this thing has major issues and is evil and twisted...

the moderator shyvr6 did NOTHING except kept removing my posts where this wh0re continued stalking me...this ugly weirdo freak kept stalking me on my posts...and I asked her to get lost....the dumb ignorant moderator shyvr6 did NOTHING to help....these moderators are good for nothing useless losers...instead of banning the scumbags who are trying to bully and irritate a user causing chaos, they do nothing... 'orsomething' continued to be allowed to harass and irritate me as this ugly freak wanted to...

then another stalking psycho 'caterpillar13' began stalking me...also emailing me privately...she is a worthless crazy person and she too was utterly stupid evil and sick...then she claimed she was a 'mother'...so far I had written 3 postings that night...and got stalked on all night...then I wrote one more...about mothers who use their 'mother' status to think they are superior to others...my posting was removed after I was stalked AGAIN by 'caterpillar13' and 'orsomething' who wrote insulting things to me....these two deranged ugly fat disgusting wh0res continued attacking me EVERYTIME I posted... and 'orsomething' this worthless nutjob kept posting these ugly crazy pictures of a baby with cum on it's mouth...nothing was done just the pictures removed....then I posted something about these horrible c*nts and shyvr6 the useless evil ignorant moderator threatened to ban me ...I said why aren't these bullies banned?? don't u dumb moderators EVER ban the actual bullies???

usually in these online forums full of psychos weirdos and ugly freaks and rejects...they start mass bullying someone...and nothing is done, then the victim attacks them back and the victim gets warned and banned by the stupid crazy moderators..idiots...as usual.... then I began posting more things and threatened shyvr6 that I was going to flood the forum with tons of insults...which I did and plan to more...but this is a horrible website!...beware of it...

the people there are all losers complainers pitiful whiners who whine about their boring disgusting lives...they have no life, no friends...they're scared to talk to people...the people there are pathetic sick people and some of them like caterpillar13 and orsomething are just mentally sick and twisted and begin stalking women and nothing is done about them....caterpillar13 admits to being a prostitute as well and orsomething is apparently a pedophile as this sociopath posts these sick pictures of babies...there is child porn going on there and the moderator BANS a victim of crazy abusers...SAS has rejects in society there...every loner loser and geek is on there...and most are ugly weird stupid trannies..or something else...its the worst place...beware of it and also go and harass these two ugly worthless wh0res caterpillar13 and orsomething....because they are prostitutes and pedophiles who boast about being the rejects they are....

these people are all LOSERS...they are scared to walk, talk or do anything...they're scared of stepping the wrong way...they're scared of everyone and everything...theyre angry virgins in their 20's... they relate to and like sociopaths who hurt others...they are all sociopaths themselves...

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426985c1, 2014-07-22, 01:50PM CDT

This person is nothing but a troll who was harassing the users/spamming the forums (he's been banned since)to an absurd and relentless degree based on even more absurd accusations. Trust me, socialanxietysupport is a very welcoming site and it's a good place to vent out and chat about SA with people who are understanding and know what it's like. Don't let this obvious butt-hurt troll give you the wrong impression - the community is nice and friendly, is in no way a scam, and is a safe haven to discuss SA related issues.

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