Advance TeleSolution - Do not work for this company

Posted on Monday, July 14th, 2014 at 12:07pm CDT by Rose W.

Product: payment services

Company: Advance TeleSolution

Location: 12005 Ford


Category: Business, Finances

This company came to my college holding a job fair. I have been searching for employment for a while and was happy when I was told that I was hired to work for ATS. When I got to ATS, I found out that I was not working for this company but for RockSTar Staffing Company. The training was horrible at ATS. The trainer just read through the book and did not show anything of what he was doing on the projector screen. The trainer did not have any way of knowing on how to put each of us up on the computers that set in front of us. When I asked any questions during this training class, he would not answer any of my questions. When I got onto the floor, I was bullied by Carlos who was supposed to help me when I came out on the floor. Each time I asked him a question he will tell me to look in my manual and would speak to me negative tone. This company does collections for Time Warner Cable. Do not work for this company or Rockstar Staffing.


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