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Posted on Sunday, July 13th, 2014 at 6:47am CDT by Angelo R.

Company: private person

Location: JP

Category: Products, Services

Automatic renewal.

Dear Sirs,

Since several years, I am using your software without any apparent problem.

I suppose to have: McAfee Antivirus Plus and/or McAfee Security Scan Plus.

My renewal is set to ?automatic?.

I have received your info about renewal for a price of US$49.99only.

Checking on, for software of your Company, I suppose having found prices far lower; ranging from $10.22 to $17.74 for NEW things i.e. NOT discounted and/or second hand products.

My problem is: how does it come that, being an old customer of yours, instead of getting a ?curtesy discount? am I invoiced a seemingly triple fee? Is there any misunderstanding on my side or error on yours?

Please answer ASAP as I might be forced to cancel my automatic purchase and try to find a different software provider!

My best regards.

P.s. Like most software so-called ?Specialists?, having noticed that I am in Japan, your soft very kindly turns over to Japanese characters! No person, in your Company staff, even supposes that I might be one of the many ?foreigners? living in Japan but NOT able of reading the local mysterious characters!


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