Prime Time Shuttle - Prime Time Shuttle left me stranded at LAX at midnight

Posted on Saturday, July 12th, 2014 at 10:38pm CDT by Geof G.

Product: Airport Shuttle Van

Company: Prime Time Shuttle



Category: Public Transportation, Taxi

I had made an online reservation a day ahead of time to be picked up at LAX and taken home to Sherman Oaks. The reservation was confirmed with an email. At 10:15 p.m. when I arrived at the airport baggage area early due to an early flight, I was promptly checked in with the Prime Time Shuttle representative at the Shuttle area. I was told I'd have to wait approximately 20 minutes.

After about 1 hour of waiting, I was informed by the representative that they weren't able to take me home, and that they were sorry, but my credit card would be credited back, and to have a nice night.

It's amazing that the company just abandoned me at the airport with no way to get home. Desperate, I was able to call up a ride-sharing service, and get home for $17 more, including tips than I'd originally paid them.

Contacts to the company the next day via phone were dismal, and after waiting for over 25 minutes on hold, I was informed that my credit card had been refunded and would show on my account in 5 business days. If I wanted, I was informed I could submit a receipt via email for them to give me further compensation.

To me, if you have agreed to provide transportation and have confirmed a reservation with a customer, it is your duty to provide it, or make alternative means for them, or compensate them for their troubles in the event of a problem.

It took over 16 days for the refund to arrive on my card for my original trip.

Responses to my email said that: "Unfortunately, we couldn?t accommodate your pick up from LAX. This is a rare instance but sometimes at night it becomes very busy."

I responded, requesting that reimbursement be provided, but never heard anything. 10 days later, I contacted them again, and was notified that "we do not provide reimbursement from the airport."

Needless to say, I won't count on Prime Time Shuttle for any of my travel needs again, and I encourage others to stay away. As they also seem to run/own/be the only provider of, I wouldn't book there, either, unless you have a solid backup plan.


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