Winnewald Day Camp - Diabetes Discrimination

Posted on Friday, July 11th, 2014 at 12:04pm CDT by Alyssa P.

Company: Winnewald Day Camp

Location: US

Category: Law, Civil Rights

I'm very sad to say that the owner of Winnewald Day Camp in Lebanon, NJ, kicked my son out of camp because he has diabetes. He said that the nurse was spending too much time with him because of his blood sugar "highs" and "lows" which were due to exercise and heat. He said that the nurse had other campers to tend to with allergies and other issues. When I spoke to the owner, Bob Jones in the spring, I explained that my son was newly diagnosed and he informed me that he had a registered nurse on site and that he would gladly accommodate my son's needs. The nurse loved my son and did not think she was spending too much time with him at all. She told me that the owner just doesn't understand the disease. She tried to explain everything to him, but he "just didn't get it." Meanwhile, as I am speaking to the clearly distraught nurse at pickup, (as she was crying) she was busy answering the phones, playing a receptionist for the entire camp. If the owner thought she was spending too much time with my son and too busy tending to the other kids' medical needs, then why would he transfer the phones to her office? The nurse, who is a school nurse, was a very warm and caring person. She told me that all the counselors and children in his group were very upset and sad that my son was dismissed from the camp. Discrimination is a horrible thing.


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