President/CEO of First Home Capital, Inc. - Fred Grant is a Dishonest Businessman who Robbed an Employee of 1 months wages!

Posted on Friday, July 11th, 2014 at 9:57pm CDT by Mischa

Product: Fred Grant of Woodland Hills, CA

Company: President/CEO of First Home Capital, Inc.

Location: 21201 Kittridge Street, #4102

Category: Job, Career

Fred Grant, the President/Chief Executive Officer of First Home Capital, Inc of Woodland Hills, CA, purchased a company in

Las Vegas, NV only to turn around and close the company, weeks later, without paying one loyal, dedicated, employee.

What Fred Grant purchased was a Real Estate Company and aside from the dozen+ agents who were independently affiliated with the company, I ran the office and was the only, actual, W2 employee.

I repeatedly requested to be paid by Mr. Grant and after a month of ignoring me and this debt, I filed a complaint with the Nevada Department of Business and Industry, Office of the Labor Commissioner. After conducting an investigation, they concluded, in their ?Official Determination? that the new company owner, Fred Grant, violated more than one State Statute when he neglected and then refused to compensate me for my service. They ordered that I finally be paid for my work for the dates between December 9, 2013 and January 7, 2014. However, Mr Grant, and the attorney representing him, Thomas Cook of Las Vegas, NV have simply ignored the Judgment by the State and I remain unpaid. So, the Office of the Labor Commissioner has now referred the case to their Collections Division in an attempt to get me my compensation.

It is not just bad form, but criminal for a business man to rob an employee of a month?s wages, especially when this man is the President of a company in the Banking and Mortgage Industry. What kind of faith should one have in First Home Capital, Inc when they learn that the man running things is dishonest and unethical in his own personal business dealings? This is not a company I would have faith in, invest with or trust with my money.

Fred Grant of First Home Capital, Inc in Woodland Hills, CA, robbed me and despite being ordered by the State of Nevada to pay me, he has ignored their judgment and his debt, while I am still struggling to recover from losing 4 weeks of wages. To add insult to injury, I have also witnessed him lie in an attempt to appear favorable in the public eye. A fancy title, suit and BA are moot when you know the man attached to them is selfish, unreasonable and a thief.

Fred Grant, of Woodland Hills, CA does not operate in fair and reasonable manner and he is not a noble man. Fred Grant is a dishonorable and unethical man and his wife, son and anyone who conducts business with him should be embarrassed and ashamed by his behavior and dismissive attitude to the Judgment issued against him by the State of Nevada.

Since the company Fred Grant purchased was in Las Vegas, while he lives and works in Woodland Hills, CA, I am at a loss as how to proceed at this point. If anyone has any advice or recommendations, it would surely be appreciated. Fred Grant should not be permitted to simply turn his back on and get away with robbing me of my hard earned money.

Thank you.


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