Great Healthworks - When you need to cancel, you'll have difficulty doing so

Posted on Friday, July 11th, 2014 at 11:02am CDT by William H.

Product: Omega XL 300 softgel product

Company: Great Healthworks

Location: 4150 SW 28th Way


Category: Health, Beauty

This was wife's second call to the company Great Healthworks, selling the product Omega XL. We had to cancel because my wife is facing extreme health issues with diabetes. We have new monthly expenses we have to meet in order to keep her alive. Additionally, she is facing surgery.

The first time we called, we were on the phone 15 minutes or more; this time was no different and the representative sounded none too happy, as though she was taking this very personally. I'm thinking does this company punish their employees in some way that consumers aren't told about, that makes it difficult for us when we call in to "cancel" a product if we need to do so?

Whatever. You need to change what your doing up there at Healthworks if you are penalizing your employees in some way. We are the consumer/customer. We have that right to cancel if we need to or want to, and you cannot hold my wallet hostage.


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