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I am Jake Jacobs, Indian Born, Naturalized United State


I collapsed on a Korean Air flight coming from Seoul to Honolulu

(Hawaii). I was a paid passenger on this Korean Air from Honolulu to Mumbai

(India) traveling with valid US Passport copy attached as(

appendix ?) and Valid Staying in India Visa (appendix B) and

(appendix C ). Some reason the Immigration Officials in India

mistakenly deported me back to Honolulu. (Appendix D) on September 6th

2011. Korean Air agent Mr. Singh tells I violated Indian Law and

I didn't have proper document to enter India, I ask you then what is appendix A,

B, C. If I didn't have proper documents

why would they (KAL) board me from Honolulu, to Mumbai.

It is the pre-boarding requirements check before boarding to check the passport

and necessary visas.

With the same documents I travel-led

to India after a week later. Mumbai Immigration refused my entry

Kochi (India) Immigration officials

allowed my entry to India. Immediately Korean Air Agents came

and demanded and asked remove all money from my valet. I did remove

and gave to the agent; he did not give any receipt. The agent

didn't tell me this money for 1 way ticket to Honolulu.

The money they took was over 2000, US dollars and 3000 Indian

Rupees. At Mumbai gate I cried out telling

the agent I am tired. I am hungry. I didn?t

take my medication. I don?t want to go back, need water to drink, I had a

long flight coming from Honolulu (almost 22 hours) he ignored me.

When I was refused to enter India,

it was Korean Air responsibility at their expenses to send me

back to Honolulu, instead they stole my money forcefully made

me to sign documents without giving any copies.

At Mumbai gate the agents asked if I

don't give the money, sign the papers and board the plane, immediately I

could end in Indian JAIL. At that point I got scared.

In Mumbai airport I requested medical help telling them I am not taken my

diabetic medicine. My diabetic medicines are kept in my

hand (carry) luggage, with was under KALs control.

I requested then that I am a US citizen and wanted to speak to US consulate

personal in Mumbai, they told me that they are sleeping where as a duty officer is available

24 hour basis to help US Citizens.

I tell the agent that I had l long flight from Honolulu to Mumbai

(22 hours), I am suffering from Diabetic & Hypertension, and I am very

tried the need water to drink and some food to eat. The Korean Agent asked within

minute?s board to waiting aircraft. The agent hustled and pushed

me and asking me to get inside the plane in blink of second. I was not given a

ticket in Mumbai for the flight to Seoul Nor I was given a ticket in Seoul for

the flight to Honolulu.

At the gate at Mumbai I was robbed,

denied medical care, denied my medication, denied food, water, denied access to

US Consulate, and was treated like a criminal. I tell the agent my family and

friends are waiting in Kochi (India). He paid no attention.

While in the plane from Mumbai I request the cabin crew for

Diabetic Meal they did not give me diabetic meal. As soon as I landed in Seoul (Korea)

two Agents came and escorted me to a

CELL. I asked the agents where are you taking me and I tell them I am a

US Citizen and want to speak to U S Consulate personal in Seoul. Korea.

They did not spoke a word to me in English and straight took me to

the Cell. This was a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE.

When I was in the prison I requested the agents that I am not taken my

medicines and very hungry and thirsty. (Drank some water from the cell toilets.)

They (the agents) ignored me, spoke no English to

me. I was incremented , Locking me up in Holding Cell when I have valid

US Passport. A US citizen can enter South Korea without a visa and stay up

to 60 days.

Korean Air Agents thought I was Indian born, a Migrant

Undocumented worker, from INDIA .. In the holding cell there were Pakistanis, Bangladeshis,

Africans, Nigerians, Blacks, and most of the women were from Thailand, we were

all kept in one cell some of the women I saw was sleeping on the floor, these

people are undocumented and had no valid visas. There were NO whites

Americans nor White Europeans.

Then at midnight (last flight) they escorted me to Honolulu

flight I broad the flight with lots of struggle and with pain.

On flight to Honolulu I requested the cabin crew diabetic food but they refused

telling that I did not order diabetic meal. The cabin crew refused to

provide me with diabetic meal.

In the flight to Honolulu I got really sick, I was sweating, whole body was in

pain, back Pain, Head-ace, both legs started swollen, even unable

to walk to restroom, somehow I managed to sit in the economy seat all because

of my faith in GOD.

Before approaching Honolulu I collapsed, I was not able to disembark

so the stretcher (wheel chair) came and took me to a waiting. This injury

happened inside the plane.Honolulu Ambulance they took me to Queen EMMA

Hospital in Honolulu (Hawaii).

Immediately I was admitted to the EMERGENCY ROOM and the doctors who attend

me was very alarmed, they didn't know what was going on with me and why my both

legs are swollen, so ordered tests, including, MRI, took blood from my spine

and I was treated there in the hospital.

The injury was potentially life threatening.

I got discharged and went to a hotel in Honolulu (taxi was arranged by the

hospital since I didn't have no money to pay for the taxi. All the money

I had was stolen by Korean Agent in Mumbai. I paid the hotel bill by

Debt card from Bank of America,

I got rested for few days then I travelled to San Francisco to go to Indian

Consulate (This was arranged by a Indian friend from Dallas (Texas) via

emigrate airline). This ticket was from Honolulu to San Francisco to Dubai to

Koch i, (India).

I informed the Consulate office inSan Franco and explained to them what actually

happened in Mumbai (Indian Immigration Office), They then verified my Indian Visa

and told me that I have

a valid visa to enter and stay in India till FEBRUARY 2012 and I should have no

problems to enter India, also since I am no longer going though Mumbai

airport I should not have any troubles in entering India.

The Indian consulate officer told that Indian Immigration might have

mistaken and mistakenly deported me back to Honolulu. I returned to Kochi and

had no trouble entering to Kochi, India

On June 15 the 2012 I had a Major open heart surgery in Broward General

Hospital in South Florida. Korean Air is responsible for my Heart Attack

followed by major Open Heart Surgery in Broward Medical Centre in South


The stress itself is unhealthy, the body's reaction in this stressful

situation because I was kept on the flight from Mumbai, Seoul to Honolulu in a economy seat

(over 22 hours) and they kept me in the prison. The stress did my body was it

increased my heart rate elevating

blood pressure. It increases respiration elevating fat & cholesterol

levels. They fed me unhealthy food instead of diabetic meals, during this

ordeal I was in the STATE OF PANIC and was in great

fear. Now the doctor tells me that I am suffering from P T S D.

I am suffering from left shoulder

pain because of muscle injury happened in the plane and need surgery.

Because of Korean Air, unorthodox

business practice, in human behavior, (treatment), torture,

discrimination, and I got injured.

I am living in constant fear afraid to fly and constantly thinking why someone

(like KAL) would do such evil things to 68 year old law abiding US


Now I owe thousands of dollars worth of medical bills and other bills, I do not own a home

or a car and I am unable to continue my profession due to this injury happened during

the journey on Korean Air flight.

I believe even Guantanamo bay prisoners have better human?s right than I

had. They get medical attention if they request or given food. Don't they?

What crime I committed to deserve such a in human and miserable treatment

by such a BILLION dollar. Company to a poor old man living in America.

I want to be compensated for the

pain & suffering and all the evil things Korean did to me.

I want to go back to live normal life and my life back.

To get justice I filed a complaint

with Robin S. Rosenbaum United States District Judge, KAL through

their powerful attorney filed a summary of judgment, to dismiss my claim and

the judge denied my complaint.

Article 17.1 of the Montreal

Convention creates a presumption of air-carrier liability for "bodily

injury" as follows:

The carrier is liable for damage

sustained in case of death or bodily injury of a passenger upon condition only

that the accident which caused the death or injury took place on board the

aircraft or in the course of any of the operations of embarking or


When I boarded the plane from Mumbai

& Seoul I walked to my seat, then in when I disembarking at Honolulu

They had used the wheel chair to

take me out of the plane to an emergency ambulance at Honolulu.

So, where is the injury happened....in the plane, was it not covered by Montreal Convention, as

stated above. Then how can the Judge denied to law suit for a jury trial.

I would like to be interviewed by your journalist

I would also like you to publish this Press Release.

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