DIRECTV - Tampa Bay Rays broadcasters

Posted on Thursday, July 10th, 2014 at 6:46pm CDT by skip arthur h.

Company: DIRECTV

Location: US

Category: TV, Music, Video

talked my landlord and dear friend to bring on Directv to our compound

I am a sports nut, he is british brit, me American brit, we pay extra

for the 600 and 700 channels having contact Directv concerning them

blacking out the Rays games from other channels, Rays broadcasters are

horrible (OBTW listening, watching and attending MLB since 1950, I am

not a moron, retired retail exec et al)

we pay to watch any channel we pay for, the office of Mike White, the

CEO, his assistant, lied and said, MLB is the one that forces the black

outs no Directv, he is a liar. MLB has no right to block out what we

pay to see. left several messages with MLB, no replay yet

what now


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