Royal lepage - Beware of Mary Jay Hebert Royal LePage Dynamic

Posted on Friday, July 11th, 2014 at 10:00pm CDT by Samantha P.

Product: Real estate

Company: Royal lepage

Location: 68 Skowron

Category: Real Estate

Beware of Mary Jay Hebert Royal LePage Dynamic 204-510-5552

Do not deal with this woman she has mental issues & is insane.

She hired us to build a patio for her for one of her properties she is selling, once the job was fully finished she wrote us a check & the next day put a stop payment on it. Not to mention we were the second company to come in ( she did this to the 1st company )

She is now wanting us to come back and do free work for her, with out getting paid.

Her neighbours have all warned us to stay away from her & told us she's crazy. I would not trust this woman with anything especially selling my house.

Feel free to drive by 68 Skowron and look at the beautiful patio we built for practically nothing


mary jay h., 2014-08-28, 01:33AM CDT

This is totally false.I have cancelled cheques and contract to prove I paid.The job was never completed.Beware of this landscaping company.

c663dad7, 2015-02-18, 04:44PM CST

The job was completed, we have pictures to prove this & yes you did cancel the check

Once we were finished.

Question why would you give us a check if we were not finished?

You paid us, then cancelled the check to get out of paying what you owed, then when we contacted you

Another check was reissued, again if the job was not completed why would you pay the final payment not once but twice.?

You are a very sneaky shady person Mary Jay.

And anyone who hires you to sell there house better watch out.

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