Miracle Recreation Equipment Company - Miracle Recreation Equipment Co. Breach of contract/Bad and dishonest business practices

Posted on Monday, July 7th, 2014 at 9:12am CDT by Leonilda Milewski

Product: Playground equipment

Company: Miracle Recreation Equipment Company

Location: 878 E. Highway 60
MONETT, MO, 65708, US

URL: www.miracle-recreation.com

Category: Business, Finances

In 2007 I entered a preliminary agreement with Mr. Mark Hardy, vice-presidnet Playpower inc. As per our agreement a few months later Mr. Billy Joyce visited me to discuss further our involvement with Miracle Recreation Equipment Company. At both meetings Mr. Billy Joyce agreed to our Exclusive Rights for our territory, after seeing the opportunities in our market. We took him to contractors firms, architect firms, visited City Officials and recreational parks. Everything went well and we made our first smaller sale and there was not problem. The problem started when we made a bigger sale for $158,000.00. Miracle Recreation Equipment Company sold the equipment directly to the contractor(our customer) and refuses to acknowledge it is our sale and refuses to pay our earned commission of approximatly $50,000.00. When I finally talked to Billy Joyce(after 5 months) he told me "he didn't know it was my sale". Even though a few months earlier he wrote to me "I am aware you are working in a few projects over the past months, would you give me some information in regards to the status of this projects". Even though a month before the sale Kim Parker-Director of International Sales Service(my direct contact) referred my company to another aqua park supplier. At the same time another company asked Kim Parker some information about a project we were working on and she sent him an email asking him to contact "the Miracle Sales Rep. directly" and gave him my contact information(company name, person to contact, address, email, tel. number). I have send them correspondence and emails were I proof this is my sale but they never answer nor acknowledge this is my sale. They keep doing everything in their power to distance themselves from me. When I asked Billy Joyce in regard to other projects I have placed with Miracle products he wrote back "all other projects will be honor once they are confirmed" one of those projects just came in and they told me they will not sale the equipment to me. As you can see they do not honor their word or their written commitment as well.

They currently owe me $52,000.00. I have notified them repeatedly that they are in breach of contract, but they refused to communicate with me in this matter. They responded to a BBB complaint but deny facts that I have indisputable evidence about.

I have had lawyers review this issue and they all agree that Miracle Recreation Equipment Co is in breach of contract.

This is simply bad and deceptive business practice. Miracle Recreation Company needs to resolve this breach of contract issue and come to a financial settlement.

Other people considering doing business with them should be very wary because they obviously do not honor their verbal or written commitments.


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