Video Amusement - won't maintain pinball machines on location

Posted on Friday, July 4th, 2014 at 1:48pm CDT by wedge h.

Product: location pinball maintenance

Company: Video Amusement

Location: 121 S Maple Ave #11 South San Francisco, CA 94080


Category: Games, Gaming Consoles

The company places pinball machines at laundromats and other locations throughout the bay area. Despite numerous requests, the pinball machines receive no maintenance at all, except for the coin acceptors. For example the Ripley's Believe It or Not pinball machine is accepting quarters but the award scoop does not work on the game and neither does the shrunken head and idol mechanisms. If you put an out of order sign on the game, they will simply take it off the machine the next time they come in to collect the quarters. What a scam of a company.


Robert Allyn L., 2014-07-07, 11:13AM CDT

In my long ago mis-spent youth I serviced machines like this.

The weekly service guy will run a coin through the coin mech and if the machine starts he has proved it works.

If the location has not called in and made a specific, detailed, repair complaint (Repair Ticket) the cycle continues to the end of the contract.

Man did the arcade operators get angry before they figured out the system or dumped the supplier when I was the weekly guy.

So did you phone in or just wait for the coin collector guy?

Business Reply  Frank R., 2014-12-10, 01:12PM CST

Video Amusement is the largest operator of pinball machines in Bay Area and perhaps in California. We currently have over 100 pinball games in our inventory and continue adding brand new pinball machines as they are released.

Pinball machines are a beautiful work of art; unfortunately they break more frequently than a regular video game, require a lot more maintenance, barely produce any income and with a price tag of $5000 per machine they become a losing investment. These are the main reasons why pinball machines are disappearing from public places. We do not want to use this as an excuse; however with a $100 cost per service call and a weekly income of $40 we operate this game at a major loss. I apologize to the customer for not taking care of this service call in a timely matter we will remove the pinball machine and replace it with a video game, saving you the frustration and saving us a few $$$s.

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