Posted on Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 at 11:38am CDT by Bilqis F.

Company: United Airlines

Location: Customer Care United Airlines, Inc. 900 Grand Plaza Drive NHCCR Houston, TX 77067-4323
HOUSTON, TX, 77067, US

URL: united.com

Category: Travel, Vacations

I am writing to let you know that not only will I never fly with your incompetent and immoral airline ever again, I will never tell recommend your airline and I have already begun to inform my extensive group of friends of your foul practices. My itinerary was a simple flight from Australia to America which I've taken several times before. I usually am fortunate to fly without problems but for the first time because United is part of the journey I have suffered. Is that what you want for your customers? For us to suffer whenever you are part of our journeys? Because the company doesn't have a proper arrangement with Qantas I was unable to check my bags all the way to Washington D.C., which is what I usually do, even if I have to go through American customs. It's never such a headache. I had to go through baggage claim in Sydney upon landing and lug the bags to the departures terminal to transfer to international only to be told that I was not eligible to use the transfer shuttle. Thankfully a compassionate man in the airport helped me to the public bus station to transfer to international. I thought everything would be fine. I get there and get charged THREE HUNDRED US DOLLARS to check TWO bags. That doesn't even make any sense. Who charges that much? And which self-respecting airline only allows one checked bag on an INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT? Moreover, the flight itself was extremely uncomfortable, and on a full flight, I was put at a seat with a BROKEN TRAY TABLE, that was not fixed all flight long. In an already cramped seat, I had to eat my food on my lap. Given how much I paid for my ticket and the excessive baggage costs, I would hope I could at least eat my meals. That's immoral and bordering on wicked. It's cruel to gauge your clients who could choose other and better airlines. It's disrespectful and wrong. I want to my 300 reimbursed, as well as a full refund of my ticket. I've never been so angry as to take the time to write a company for wrongdoing but this was unacceptable. I will never forget this and I WILL POST THIS ANGRY, IRATE EXPERIENCE ON EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONSUMER BLOG IN EXISTENCE.


fb2be0b4, 2014-07-03, 04:43PM CDT

Whine all you want, you are NOT going to get a refund! I flew from the USA to Amsterdamn under the EXACT same consitions ( was not United Airlines though). Only difference, I did not have a broken tray. All airline seating is cramped. A best, all you can hope for is a $50 voucher towards a future flight. The airline got you safely from point A to point B. In otherwords, they did their job. You can't reasonably expect a refund and I am sure your extensive range of friends will agree, even if it is only silently because they don't want to hurt your feelings.

Bilqis F., 2014-07-03, 05:10PM CDT

I'm sorry you had to go through similar conditions. However I will continue to complain and be heard.

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