Roark Vacation Travel Club - Way to fix the problem! Very happy now!

Posted on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 at 12:06pm CDT by Jane B.

Product: Travel Club

Company: Roark Vacation Travel Club

Location: 403 N Business 65
BRANSON, MO, 65616, US

Category: Travel, Vacations

I am a single widow. In 2011 I bought a package deal from Roark Travel Club. CRI was the company I had to call when I wanted to book a vacation. I found them to be most unhelpful. When I called Roark to complain they told me they were held by contract and couldn't help me.

In January of this year I received a call from Roark telling me the contract for CRI had passed and they wanted to put me in the new program for free. Since I had nothing to lose I agreed. I tested them right away to see if they really had fixed the problem with prices and service and was very pleased! I have now been to New York and back to Branson and am VERY HAPPY with the service! The prices were GREAT and I am glad to know that Roark was willing to admit the problem and go to lengths to fix it!

Since there was NO PLACE ONLINE to say that I thought I would do it here to let people know that Roark is actually a great company to do business with now. Worth the wait for sure and they have my respect for what they have done!


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John L., 2014-07-03, 11:28AM CDT

We too were contacted by Roark about the new roll over program. I have to agree that the problem seems to be fixed. We got Disney hopper passes through them at half of what we would have paid retail! Great job Roark. And THANK YOU! Nice to see a company work hard to solve problems for their clients!

Steph R., 2014-07-04, 01:01PM CDT

I will admit that we were one to complain years ago about Roarks backend fulfillment company CRI. However after getting involved (for no charge) with the new service (rollover program)we have been happy. Plus looking at the complaints ive seen on line there haven't really been anything since 2010. They fixed it for us and it looks like a lot of other people aw well.

phil h., 2014-07-05, 02:49PM CDT

I read you posting the other day. Having purchased from Roark Travel Club with CRI some years ago I wanted to see if there was a difference. I found CRI to be helpful when we bought it but have been unable to travel for a couple years due to illness. I call Roark about switching and was given to a customer service rep right away who offered to change me into the new service. I explained that I wanted to compare and he gave me a temp password for the new site and let me check. Saver express and Roark as a team was much much better that my old service so I called the rep back and he changed me over on the spot. Impressive. Thank you for your posting!

tyler W., 2014-07-07, 03:12PM CDT

we purchased the program back in February and just returned from the Alaskan cruise where we saved about 800 a person. I personally am not had these problems and I'm thankful to know that the program is exactly as they said it was!


Brad H., 2014-10-17, 07:22PM CDT

Just another happy customer as we used their offer and Cash Saver saved us over $600. Roark Travel Club teamed up with Cash Saver/Travel Saver and Thank You for the change.

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