Bhagyanagar Gas Limited BGL - CNG GAS Shortage in Hyderabad

Posted on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 at 2:52am CDT by Ravi K.

Product: CNG GAS Shortage in Hyderabad

Company: Bhagyanagar Gas Limited BGL


Category: Government, Police

Shortage of CNG and long waiting Hours:

Dear BGL (BGL Board Director) Shri M. Ravindran, Director (HR), GAIL is the Chairman of the Company Shri. Pushp K. Joshi, Director (HR), HPCL is the Director of the Company Shri. A.K. Mittal, Executive Director, GAIL is the Managing Director of the Company and Shri. R. Sridhar, DGM, HPCL is the Director-Commercial of the Company.).

We request you to increase the supply of CNG, increase more bunks and Atleast try to have 2 dispensing Machines under same pump, so that one can be allotted to Autos and 2nd to Cars.

Why we are so frustrated is we need to wait next to cow dung and other animals shit as M/s. Ramesh Fuel Point, Jummerat Bazar, Dhoolpet, Hyderabad, where the staff & owner asks us to wait in a line which is far from the CNG station in line. During the Time we wait they ask other cars or AUTOS to buy 500 RS petrol and can get CNG filled with out standing in line. They start filling the CNG @ 7.30 AM after they have huge line and with lot of nonsense and ill treatment ( do we have any stipulated time to start the filling). On top of it they ask us to come to a corner where we cant even turn the vehicles properly and 8 to 10 autos AROUND the car, some time they auto drivers hit the car and dam care about what had happened, when we try to ask how he be so careless, they don?t mind even hitting you and brawl foul language, and come with the entire autowala Mob.the same issue with M/s. Rajashree Filling Station Bahadurpura, Opp: Zoo Park HPCL Outlet Hyderabad A.P 9441109886 & M/s. Habib Service Station Langer House Hyd A.P 9849173300, On Top of it they charge 20-40 rs for car 10 for AUTO even after standing in the line for 3-5 HRS. After I started filling the CNG, their is no one day that I got the change back from the filling station STAFF.

I Don?t understand why publishes M/s. Hitech Fuel Station D.No: 19-5-482/A/9, Nandi Muslaiguda, Kishenbagh Hyderabad A.P 9346753724 CNG Station in its list, as this bunk in not in operational condition from last one year

We the CNG user take care of environment by pulling down the carbon foot print, but still the BGL is blowing us on our health and mental peace. I stand in Line to get CNG GAS filled @ morning 5.30 AM and move to out of line by 9.30 - 10.00 AM.

Please alteast look for alternate lines OR quick refilling for cars, since we don't use them for commercial or business purposes. Please understand our situation, make THE CNG car owner feel that We made a proud full decision by buying a CNG Car but please don't make us feel that we are pushed to HELL for buying CNG vehicles.

OR IF BGL is not capable of doing above suggested atleast write a mail or send a communication to CNG vehicle Manufactures / Dealers, that BGL & team is not potential to create and meet supply as per demand, and request the CNG vehicle Manufactures / Dealers not to sell CNG Vechicles, till BGL arranges alternates.

Thanks hoping that Somebody from BGL Team reads the above issues.


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