- is a Total Ripoff! Do not purchase from them!

Posted on Monday, June 30th, 2014 at 2:30pm CDT by Mary F.

Product: Medium Sunflower Chip Birdseed




Category: Home, Garden is a total RipOff! I recently ordered a 50-lb bag of Medium Sunflower Chips birdseed from, cost $119.99. I received a shipment from, which my husband opened. He opened the very heavy bag of birdseed that was shipped and filled feeders. I quickly noticed the birds were not eating the seed, and that it looked different. I checked the bag and found that did not ship the Medium Sunflower Chips birdseed I ordered, but rather shipped a 50-lb bag of SAFFLOWER Seed. My wild birds will not eat it. I immediately contacted and emailed them everything they asked for: a photo of the packing slip (which clearly show that a 50-lb bag of Medium SUNFLOWER chips birdseed was supposed to be shipped to me), my receipt showing that I ordered a 50-lb bag of Medium Sunflower Chips and was charged $119.99 for it; a photo of the wrongly shipped Safflower birdseed; a photo of the UPS shipping label; and 2 photos of writing on the shipping cardboard box. I offered to return the birdseed I received; refused. They have also refused to send the 50-lb bag of Medium Sunflower Chips that I ordered, and for which I paid $119.99. They also have not refunded the $119.99 birdseed price to me, the price for the Medium Sunflower Chips I did not receive. To make matters worse, the 50-lb Safflower Birdseed is $30 less (costs $89.99) than the 50-lb Medium Sunflower Chips. So even if wanted to keep the Safflower Seed (which I do not and did not order), would be overcharging me $30! This is theft from on so many levels. I have lodged a dispute with American Express regarding stopping payment for this item, and also with the Cincinnati BBB. I no longer want the Sunflower Seeds; I want the $119.99 purchase price refunded. I will never do business with this company again.


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