Posted on Sunday, June 29th, 2014 at 4:09pm CDT by Faizur R.


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I bought 4 tickets in two different bookings flying from Dallas to Dhaka, Bangladesh back in 21st of February, 2014. The travel dates are June and July, 2014. So far, they changed the bookings 4 different times and I had to call them to confirm the schedule and every time, 1-2 hours wait time, go figure. Now the ticket price is higher so they are trying to see if I can cancel the flight with them so they can sell it out to others for profit. In 2 different instances, they didn't even confirm the route and told us ticket is confirmed. This is a highly unethical company operated from overseas which is nothing wrong but they have absolute NO passion on customer service, very rude and talk bogus, NEVER EVER buy from them, just buy from somewhere else (price difference may be $50 or more) but you will save a great amount of your precious time from your life, not to mention, the stress you have to deal with while talk to them, very strange, why nobody is shutting them yet, are they NOT regulated by any authority, they are just a ONLINE thief, NOT your travel agent, also be aware when they say just ONLY one ticket left when you will try to change the schedule for any reason, ridiculous.

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kathleen s., 2015-04-22, 02:05PM CDT

I had bought two tickets thru Notified of an emergency, cancelled tickets date and was told I need to supply documentation. I did provide documentation. I still have a $ 200.00 fee for each ticket as a penalty for cancelling that one time d/t emergency. Totally a Rip Off

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