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Posted on Thursday, June 26th, 2014 at 10:55am CDT by Rick A.

Product: Restaurant

Company: The Steakhouse in Wells, ME

Location: WELLS, ME, US

Category: Restaurants, Bars

Warning! If you are thinking of eating at this restaurant be prepared for long wait times, poor service, and, if you are not satisfied with something, a tongue-lashing from the management.

I am a Navy Veteran, and own property in Wells, ME. On Tuesday, 5/27/2014, the day after Memorial Day, at 5:30 PM, my wife and I, along with another couple, visited ?The Steakhouse? in Wells, ME.

My wife and I both ordered the Rib Eye Steak, done ?medium" (pink). My wife?s steak was served "well done? rather than ?medium?, while mine was indeed ?medium?. My wife?s steak was brown throughout, tough, and had little flavor. She sampled mine and commented on how pink and tender and flavorful it was compared to hers. It took a very long time to get the attention of the waitress, (even though she flashed by us a few times). My wife told her that her steak was ?well done?. The waitress said she would get her another one cooked ?medium?.

It took much longer than it should have to bring another steak (we expected it to be a rush order), and the rest of the group was almost finished with their meals before the replacement steak was finally delivered. Unfortunately the new Rib Eye was about the same as the first one my wife was served. It was brown and tough.

We asked to talk to the manager. The owner, rather than the manager (who was unavailable) arrived and became very defensive, arrogant and rude to my wife, saying that my wife was wrong, and there was no possibility that my wife?s steak was not to order. I then showed the owner my steak compared to my wife?s; and it was obvious that my wife?s steak was well done. The owner ignored the comparison.

Then the owner, rather than treating my wife, the customer, with respect, politeness, and concern for her satisfaction, instead became more and more argumentive and defensive, making everyone at the table feel very uncomfortable, while my wife just sat there very embarrassed. The attitude with which the owner handled the situation was deplorable.

We were extremely disappointed and insulted that we were treated in this manner at ?The Steakhouse? in Wells, ME. We will not be visiting there again. If others have been treated poorly there, please write a review.

Many New Englanders will remember the ?Hilltop Steakhouse? on Route 1 in Saugus, MA. It was, at one time, the highest grossing steakhouse in the country. It is no longer in business. The new owners, in addition to herding the customers like cattle, with long wait times, overworked the waitstaff who then became rude and insensitive to their customers. Soon the restaurant went out of business. I wonder why?


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