City of Las Cruces Utilities - City of Las Cruces Utilities is Heartless

Posted on Thursday, June 26th, 2014 at 4:57pm CDT by 4108ae49

Product: Utilities

Company: City of Las Cruces Utilities

Location: US


Category: Government, Police

The City of Las Cruces is Heartless, some years back we had a situation that caused us to lose our house. Unfortunately the same situation left us unable to pay all our utilities, today we attempted to connect services and they summarily denied us based on an old account balance. The city is a heartless monopoly who doesn't even want to set up a payment plan, the amount they want is well beyond our abilities to pay. I could negotiate with the electric company and they would agree to a payment plan, the city is too arrogant to even consider a payment plan. It's time to end municipality monopolies in our society, all utilities should be governed under state and federal control, we are not talking about Internet or Cable TV. We are talking about water, sewage, and trash. Things very necessary to life.

City of Las Cruces you have no humanity!!!


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