Walt Disney Studios - 3 Musketeers an Insult to Walt Disney

Posted on Thursday, June 26th, 2014 at 8:47am CDT by James E. F.

Company: Walt Disney Studios

Location: US

Category: Entertainment

I watched several Three Musketeers films recently. This one I could not watch. First, it is letter boxed. Zoom does not fill the screen. Second, Cardinal Richelieu tortures and then murders a man for trying to steal food to keep from starving. I do not know how this got by the censors at Disney. I did not watch much more but threw the disc into the trash can. Richelieu may have been indifferent to the suffering of poor folks but he was a statesman, not a monster. I was looking forward to some lighthearted fun. I will be very suspicious of every Disney film from now on. Simplification is okay but dragging what is usually a fun romp down to this level is inexcusable.


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