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Posted on Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 at 2:46pm CDT by Robert L.

Product: Rug pads


Location: 327 Main Ave
NORWALK, CT, 06851, US


Category: Home, Garden

Received tow of their "felt" rug pads and as soon as we opened them, fibers flying everywhere! We opened each on the floor to find very stubborn fold marks in them. Balls of fuzz or fibers continued to fly throughout the rooms. Unfortunately, we bought these for a newly built room and opened them after the company returns period- A call to request a return for faulty product resulted in very poor and useless customer service. Stuck with these pads, so got rid of them and ordered replacements from another online company that are excellent! Stay away from!!

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Business Reply  Will M., 2014-06-28, 05:45PM CDT

Greetings Robert,

I'm very sorry to hear that you had an issue with our company. Let me follow up with you on this.

1. We have no records of a robert L in our system, did you order under a different name?

2. We have never heard a complaint like this in the past. Our felt pads are precut from large rolls, never prepackaged. They are heat pressed to avoid common issues such as fraying.

3. We offer free 30 day returns on all our rug pads. We mail a slip to our customers immediately without hesitation. Customer satisfaction is the lifeline to our business. We have a 20 year warranty on "faulty pads" which we gladly return without hesitation AFTER that date as well.

My favorite line in your complaint is - "ordered replacements from another online company that are excellent!"

Hmmm....I wonder what that other online company might be?

-Will M.

Marketing Manager at Rug Pad USA

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