Creative Patio, LLC - Aluminum Patio <> Install.Failure & Collapse!

Posted on Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 at 10:11pm CDT by Ted Denise

Product: Aluminum Patio_Installation

Company: Creative Patio, LLC

Location: 18622 Loch Bend Ave


Category: Home, Garden

Warning To FuTure Consumers: Jeremy Chad Walock dba Creative Patio LLC 18622 Loch Bend Ave Greenwell Springs LA 70739 is the owner/operator of the patio company we hired to install an aluminum patio on our home. It was an amenity most homeowners anticipate will last for YEARS to come. Unfortunately for us, 3 and 1/2 years after purchase/installation, our patio crashed to the ground in the middle of the night. Jeremy C. Walock (owner of Creative Patio LLC) used insufficient/ineffective installation hardware, inadequate application method & procedures, zero support posts, and hired an inexperienced construction crew to come to our home to install our patio - leading to application FAILURE & COLLAPSE. Luckily for our family, no one was on the patio at the time the roof crashed so no injury/death occurred. Owner's (only) response to our complaints: "I apologize for the INCONVENIENCE you are having with your patio cover. We warranty our work for 2 years and you are well out of the warranty period ... we do stand behind our work but I can't warranty a patio forever as this would be unrealistic. Thank you, Jeremy "

Our patio collapse has been inspected by numerous contractors, installers & handy men (some in the patio industry / some are not). ALL are of the SAME consensus upon inspecting the failure. ALL have pointed to the exact SAME application areas of failure, due to insufficient hardware & installation process. We regret that we chose this owner / this company. We lost alot of money. Jeremy Chad Walock is responsible for the craftmen he hires @ Creative Patio LLC and the work they perform at the homes of his customers (customers that are entrusting Mr Walock has installed a ?safe? patio over the heads of their families/friends). His lack of interest in even VIEWING the collapse is reprehensible & and an unethical approach to good business & caring customer service. Unbeknownst to us, this application was failing from the day it was installed -- the insufficient hardware pieces & application process would not be revealed to us timely -- until it collapsed to the ground. Now ALL can plainly see, the failures are blatantly obvious.


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