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Posted on Thursday, June 26th, 2014 at 1:44pm CDT by Claude F.

Product: Home Security

Company: Central Security Group

Location: 2448 E 81st St Tulsa OK
TULSA OK, 74137, US

URL: http://www.centralsecuritygroup.com/

Category: Home, Garden

Dear Complaints.Com:

My complaints are detailed below addressed to possible customers.

Dear Prospective Contractor with Central Security Group

Please Please consider my experience with them before you sign that contract. Today I am requesting that they send their account immediately to the collectors. At least you know what you are dealing with. These people waste your time if you believe they are even going to consider your case.

The four complaints are:

1. They will sell to you hard sell at your house no matter your condition or concern.

2. They can make ?apparently? shoddy installations.

3. They ?apparently? stall and stall for the extra months and then never respond to the original complaints; even in denying the complaints validity.

4. They will keep charging and charging. For those of you that have exiting contracts you also have another worry.

If you do not believe check out Yelp or better Check out the complaints at the BBB Tulsa Oklahoma. You can check about anywhere and this company stands out for complaints. My bad luck that I met them.

The reasons for my original complaints follow (note the quotation marks around adjectives are just for self protection):

I am a senior and was just out of the hospital for my fourth knee replacement in my left leg when the CSG salesman came by my house. I was on a walker and on pain killers. I remember that day well I was happy at buying a new house and was not sure I needed this service. I asked can it just not wait and I got the usual about the need to do it now. In my house, ?about security, about family?.

No that is not the end of the story. About two years of making payments with my only experience being a false alarm in the middle of one night, I had an electrician come over to look at my air conditioner. At the time he noticed something strange about the installation. I later had this again reviewed by a former Naval air engineer and he found the installation ?apparently? shoddy and ?possibly? potential danger.

I then told CSG March 10, 2014 that I wanted out. I did not want my money back. I just wanted out feeling at least that I would have corrected a potential danger. I sent several emails to the appropriate email address. Several. No response other than a reply saying that my email had been received. I then to make sure that I had not made a mistake in communication checked my sent mail and found that my original messages had disappeared. I then sent a second several emails but this time copying the body of the message onto a word document. Still no response. I then called and found that I needed a password to talk to them about my own account. No information would satisfy even the way that it was paid. They said that I had to send in a signed request to have a new email. Well this process took another two months and two letters scanned and with signature. I have copies of both having learned that messages seemed to disappear.

Once having that I was able to talk to a customer service person; sometime in May. I told them my situation. I want out and I don?t want to pay for the months that had ensued in finally getting to talk to them about my situation. They said that they would call back.

They did with the collector of theirs saying that I would have to pay accrued amount to get out otherwise they are going to send it to the collectors. NO RESPONSE TO EITHER OF MY COMPLAINTS.


I have heard that if you send a detailed letter rather than email to the customer relations department, companies may respond better. I did so with all details including a list of several complaint websites as well the State Attorney General, the Aging and Disabilities Division, and the Better Business Bureau that I would complain to if there was no equitable reasonable resolution. After all I am not asking my money back for my complaints only that we just part amicably.

As usual, there was no response.

My final thoughts I almost believe that Central Security Group has become a COLLECTION AGENCY for its old accounts because of possibly losing business to the new competitor SimpliSafe (I am not a customer or employee of this company) which would be about a third of what they cost to me (which was about $20 more per month that their competitors at the time). It is now possibly a SHELL COMPANY losing customers to all the complaints losing customers to cheaper services. Question will they still be there to provide service if you enter into a contract and those that have contracts will they be there.

Additional Information. I tried to find this company on the Oklahoma Secretary of State?s Search Corporate Entities and could not find it. https://www.sos.ok.gov/corp/corpinquiryfind.aspx

There are no customer reviews on Central Security Group in the Tulsa Better Business Bureau. 328 complaints all to do with billing and product. Check the out before you here about the serious high tech service.


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