poweredessays.com - poweredessays.com FRAUDS & SCAMMERS!

Posted on Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 at 6:25am CDT by Fran?ois S.

Product: Essay writing service

Company: poweredessays.com

Location: No address on the site!!!!

URL: http://www.poweredessays.com/

Category: Education

SCAM!!! An awful service! The highest price doesn't mean the highest quality!!!! The essay they've submitted was written by a third-grade student definitely!!! For what?!!? For what did I pay $84.95?!?! Guys never ever use them! You better write by your own!!! Don't waste your time and money for this SCAM-BAGS!!

No refund can be made because the paper was not plagiarized! Sure!! Who wants to plagiarize this ***?! My younger brother would probably write this essay better then these 'expert writers from the USA and Great Britain'!!

Never use this service!


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Robert Allyn L., 2014-11-17, 09:26AM CST

If you can't do the work you don't deserve to pass

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