Metro Honda of Monroe NC - 2010 motor recall

Posted on Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 at 3:30pm CDT by denise m.

Company: Metro Honda of Monroe NC

Location: US

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Contract# iy02rws . I took my car into metro honda of Monroe NC in April 2014 for oil change and any other services needed , check engine light was on. I was informed about the recall and according to my records my car had not been checked for the recall. At that visit the oil was changed , a spark plug(s) were changed, seats were checked, tires, were checked, etc. I was told I may be getting a new motor if I had any problems before the next oil change which is due in Aug. 2014. I noticed my car was stalling from time to time, but I thought it was the air conditioner causing that problem, my check engine light came back on 06/23/14, so I scheduled an appointment to take the car back in 06/24/14. So shortly after being there the representative came out and said Mrs. Melton its your motor, looks like were gonna have to re-build your motor. I don't know anything about cars, however I do know that NEW and REBUILD don't mean the same to me. I feel as if Im getting the short end of the stick and Metro Honda is taking the cheap way out. They've already called me today 06/25/14 and said my car is ready for pick-up. And again I remind you I don't know anything about cars but to have a whole motor rebuilt in one day is kinda scary to me. what if something else goes wrong with my motor, since they've acknowledged the re-call, what if something happens to the rebuilt motor in 1 year, will I be responsible for re-pairs? I've had the car 11 months, its the newest car I've ever had. I have the members choice gold coverage plan and I would only have to pay 100.00 I think, if something happens to my motor. Long story short I feel like they think they can tell me anything because I am a woman. what other measures can I take to make sure my honda is running properly . Please give me your feedback 704-254-7657cell


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