Depositphotos - Depositphotos have rooked me out for $483

Posted on Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 at 11:45pm CDT by KA T.

Product: Subscription

Company: Depositphotos

Location: 110 E Broward Blvd Ste 1700


Category: Online Scams

Depositphotos have charged my card for 7 months $483 without my knowledge and for a service which I did not use.

It was not made clear to me when I signed up that I was actually going to be paying a monthly subscription. There is also no obvious "cancel" button.

When I signed up to depositphotos, I thought I was purchasing access for a month. There is nothing written anywhere on the website that says you are purchasing a monthly subscription, only that you get access for x number of dollars to Y number of images, per day for a month. After the first month, I did not use this service as I thought it had expired.

If you look on the website in the account area, there is no simple way to cancel your subscription. There is no button to click on saying "cancel". Now, when I emailed for a refund and asking to cancel my subscription, then the customer service representative told me that I had to actually click on a green circle and this was not a labelled button, it would like a regular shape to anyone and those bastards have rooked me out of $483, took my money and now refuse to refund it.

If I had been downloading images, I can understand not getting a refund. If I actually used their service, I can understand not getting a refund. But I did not use anything from them, nor did they take any expense because of me.


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