Asus Service - asus service incompetence

Posted on Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 at 11:10pm CDT by dan c.

Product: Asus Taichi

Company: Asus Service

Location: ON, CA


Category: Computers, Software

My company have been a computer reseller for the last 28 years. My last RMA service with Asus was probably the worst it could be. A $1400 Taichi laptop was sent in for service twice for the same problem, which is a loose power plug on the motherboard of the laptop. The plug was not replaced the first time and the laptop could not be tracked for 3 days after work (or no work) was completed. The second time the laptop was sent in, it was reported that the plug and the KEYBOARD was replaced. Then Asus service tech wanted to restore the computer to factory setting so that the battery can be charged. Obviously, this request was denied and the laptop was returned in working condition without the restore. Once again the laptop was lost for 3 days and then showed up at our office. Since this Taichi has 2 LCD screen, the outside touch screen has scratches on it when it was returned.

This experience demonstrate that Asus technicians are poorly trained and have no idea of what they are doing. The service department was grossly incompetence if no one could track where the laptop were, not once, but twice for the same RMA. At the end, there is no official channel to file a complaint so my advise is "Buyer Beware".


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