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Posted on Friday, June 20th, 2014 at 8:39am CDT by cad8afa6

Product: Car History Report


Location: US

Category: Unauthorized Charges

I went to this website to get information on the history of my father's truck because he has had issues with it. I only requested the basic information on the vehicle which should've been only $1. I reviewed my purchase right before I authorized the payment which I always do. It only said $1. Well, I looked at my bank account today and it had a charge of $18.95 from I called the phone number listed on my bank statement for this charge and they said I authorized this payment. I never did any such thing. My account was charged and I received an insufficient fund fee on top of that for $35.00. They will not reimburse me for the $35.00. I will have to see if my bank will do it once these people give me back my $18.95. They also texted me a few times after I requested the car history which I did not authorize them to do and I put a stop to. Be careful. I think any website that has on the end is government. No wonder I was charged more than I should have been.


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Business Reply  David W., 2014-06-28, 05:46PM CDT

Valued Customer,

We appreciate the opportunity to address your situation. We apologize for any inconvenience and will use your feedback to improve our services.

If you would like to obtain a refund for charges you have incurred, please contact me via email at [email protected] We look forward to helping you.

Best regards,

David Wilson

cad8afa6, 2014-07-06, 12:34PM CDT

This is an update of the complaint regarding They have reimbursed me the $18.95 but will not help me to get the $38.50 NSF that this charge caused. They don't have to give me the money my bank will. All they have to do is send a fax to my bank explaining what happened. They told me that they have no access to a fax. Really? A business that has no access to a fax. Never heard that before. They told me that I authorized this payment. No, I always check my purchase before I authorize any payment online. It said $1.00 not $18.95. The $18.95 is a monthly fee for multiple reports. Why would I need multiple reports? This was just a one time thing for one vehicle. Anyway, beware everyone of this company. I will consider this matter closed.

Business Reply  David W., 2014-07-22, 04:21PM CDT

Valued Customer,

If you please provide an email addess for your bank I will be able to supply them with an explanation of the charges. Please email this contact information for your bank along with what your bank requires to [email protected] and I will have it taken care of. Please refernce this review in your request so I may follow up with you to ensure you have been taken care of.

Best Regards,

David W.

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