Ross Department Stores - Personal injury, store fails to accept responsibility

Posted on Friday, June 20th, 2014 at 6:45pm CDT by Sandy W.

Company: Ross Department Stores

Location: MONTANA, MT, US

Category: Stores, Shopping

I live in Australia and went to visit Canada to see my family and friends. We had planned to do a road trip to Montana with four families. On our way, we visited a Ross Store in Montana and a sharp clothing security pin went into my foot through my enclosed shoes. It was about an inch long with thick metal.

The pain was intense and I had an extremely difficult time walking. We didn't end up doing any of the activities we had planned. We returned to Canada.

I am a Doctor myself so I knew there wasn't much medical treatment for swelling and inflammation besides symptomatic management. I had my Tetanus shot within the last ten years so I didn't need another one.

It was a horrible trip and we all came back the day off. All fifteen of us were disappointed. We had plans to go hiking/fishing and much more. My foot was swollen and I was in intense pain.

I placed a claim through and they told me I can have a Ross $100 gift card. This is of no use to someone not living in North America. This goes to show how much they didn't care about what we went through.

They were so irresponsible and they failed to keep customers safe in their store. Thus, they failed to provide a duty of care to the customers.

I had tried numerous times to contact their claim department. It has been next to impossible to talk to anyone beyond call centre staff. They were insensitive and was quick to dismiss my case.

I am not asking for much. I just want them to accept some sort of responsibility. I am very dissatisfied with all of this. I am looking for any advise or help so I can be compensated for my time lost and the pain I endured.

Also, Ross Department Store is well recognised for similar episodes in the past. However, they fail to recognise that this is not acceptable. It is just pathetic.


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