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Posted on Thursday, June 19th, 2014 at 8:31pm CDT by Kim H.

Product: Sprint Smartphone service

Company: Srpint

Location: TX, US

Category: Telecommunications

Email I sent to Sprint:

Mr. Richard S,

I am responding to the email you sent to my home email address regarding my dissatisfaction with my Sprint service since August of 2013. Due to the poor reception I have with Sprint, I am unable to successfully send a response to your email from within the building I work in(although anyone else I know who does NOT have Sprint, has no trouble receiving calls, text, or emails ? incoming or making outgoing ? on their service) and so I am emailing you from my work email address.

In addition to the poor reception of the Sprint towers, you are not spelling my last name correctly and I have no idea where a phone number with the last 4 digits of 2079 that you mentioned came from as I have no numbers that end with that. If you attempted to call me on my cell phone today my phone did not ring. If it went to vmx I haven?t received it yet. If my phone had rang and I had answered it, it would have dropped at some point because I do not get good service in this building ? again, my co-worker who sits next to me in the office has NO trouble receiving and maintaining a call on his cell phone in this building.

Since August of 2012, I have had issues with phone, text and internet access on my smart phone. I have been given the run around on when the service would be up to speed. I even received a text message from Sprint on Jan 30, 2014 saying my service should now be faster and better but it IS NOT.

Phone issues: dropped calls, people unable to hear me or there is an echo that makes it difficult to carry on a conversation.

Text issues: receive text messages late, unable to send messages because my phone says there is no connectivity.

Internet issues: In the Dallas metroplex of a 50 mile radius where I typically am throughout the week, I get intermittent service. If I get the 3G or 4G visible there will be no bars, if I get all the bars, it doesn?t say I have any 3 or 4g. I can be SITTING in one spot and the service disappears. My son, who has a different service provider, and I were comparing our phone internet connection. He was able to do a Google search, locate a YouTube video, watch the video without any interruption, while I was still waiting for my internet to load the search results.

This is not a once in awhile issue. It is a DAILY issue. DAILY. Sprint is in breach of contract of what I am supposed to be receiving according to my plan. If Sprint can?t deliver what my contract says I am supposed to get and doesn?t want to release me from it, then I should receive a monthly rate cut of half until the problems with the towers are FULLY resolved, OR I should be released from my contract with no early termination fee. I am ready to go to court over it. For the last 10 months, Sprint has collected my money but has not given me the services I have paid for. From my perspective, there?s really nothing else to say. I don?t want to hear for the thousandth time that the tower issue has been ?reported? or that the tower issue will be resolved ?next week,? or ?next month.? It?s already been TEN MONTHS.

-------------------------------------------------- end of email.

Now Spring is BRAGGING that they are the most improved in customer service by ASCI. I COULD NOT believe it. So I emailed ASCI and asked them how they came up with that and they kindly responded. Here is the part they stated about the cell phone industry and Sprint:

- The wireless phone service industry scores a 72 in 2014 on the ACSI?s 0-100 scale. This is among the lowest, and therefore least satisfying, index score results for any industry among the four-dozen household-consumer based industries measured in ACSI. In other words, taken as a whole, the wireless phone service industry is one of the least satisfying and most complained about industries common to US households. By contrast, the national average for customer satisfaction for all goods and services is currently a 77, very significantly higher than the score for the wireless phone service industry.

- Sprint?s 2014 ACSI score is a 68, below the industry average of 72. A full set of historical industry results can be found here:


Not something that I would call bragging rights to.


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