Gamestop - Bought Xbox one and Forza5 bundle but didn't receive the game

Posted on Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 at 10:59am CDT by Marcelo G.

Product: Xbox One

Company: Gamestop

Location: US


Category: Games, Gaming Consoles

i recently bought a Xbox one console at Gamestop #84 at the Florida Mall, Orlando. It was a bundle: buy the console and get a download of the Forz 5 game. I came home to Brazil (I am brazilian), installed the console and tried to download the game. There was a charge of almost US$ 100,00. I contacted Gamestop, they told me it was a Microsoft bundle and that I should talk to them, so I did, and Microsoft told me that it was a Gamestop bundle. I contacted Gamestop again and they simply told me that they didn't have any more download codes to give me and I wouldn't get my game.

So in resume, they simply tried to trick me, and as I went deeper, just considered me an unworthy costumer (i spent over US$ 1000,00 in lesse than two days there and got a power up rewards card) because I am brazilian, so they will not give me anything. This is not how you treat a consumer, they should work harder to fiz my problem and give me the game promised.

This is just unacceptable.


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