Ellen Patrick /Madeline Julia - Con Woman Ellen Patrick/Madeline Julia

Posted on Monday, June 16th, 2014 at 9:11pm CDT by ale g.

Product: Entertainment Services Ellen Patrick

Company: Ellen Patrick /Madeline Julia

Location: CHAPEL, FL, 90006, US

Category: Entertainment

Ellen Patrick /Madeline Julia, attempted to defame and strong arm, Talented Kids a teens, ran by a college girl and a PR firm. Ellen is a nightmare parent who slanders/strong arms/ disrespects/abuses/lies on and lies about companies that are child geared in the entertainment industry. We have emails and proof that Ellen single handedly slandered and destroyed Talented Kids and teens facebook page by lying and saying pedophiles were attached to the page, in retaliation because the owner a college girl that had owned the page since she was in 8th grade, refused to put her daughters picture on the companies website. Ellen is a nightmare very vindictive and evil. Ellen then hired a PR firm and got the services got work over delivered and was abusive to the company its owner and its employees. Ellen's daughter was initially casted as a cartoon character but beause of Ellen's neurotic behavior the PR firm deciced to not cast Ellen's daughter. Ellen then went on Rip off Report and filed a false complaint against the company because they refused to cast her daughter in the cartoon. CASTING AGENCIES, MODELING AGENCIES, PR FIRMS, CHIILD COMPANIES IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY BEWARE OF ELLEN PATRICK IN FLORIDA. ABUSIVE, ENTITLED, LIES, NEUROTIC AND DERANGED BEWARE!!


c1a37301, 2014-06-17, 12:43AM CDT

Very well said! I hope other people watch out and do not come into contact with Ellen. If things don't go her way she flat out lies and tries to threaten good services, people who tried to help her.

ale g., 2014-06-17, 12:49AM CDT

Ellen Patrick from Florida is the parent FROM UTTER HELL! RUN RUN RUN! she tries to shove her kid down your throat and if you don't agree with her or you quietly move on, she files lies and dogs you online!

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