Square Trade - Square Trade Supplemental Warranties Stink

Posted on Monday, June 16th, 2014 at 9:41pm CDT by Steve S.

Product: product service warranties

Company: Square Trade

Location: US

URL: protectsquarwtrade.com

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

A recent purchase from Amazon.com (with whom I have no problem) included the option of additional warranty coverage for a nominal extra sum. I elected for the additional ?two year? protection plan. I?d never heard of Square Trade, the company issuing the additional warranty. Now after establishing contact with them, I wish I?d never heard of them.

One reasonably anticipates an extra cost ?two year? protection plan picks up where the manufacturer?s initial warranty period ends. Not so with Square

Trade their ?two year? protection plan begins at purchase and the first year runs concurrently with the manufacturer?s initial warranty.

Square Trade doesn?t send you any paperwork either, they pride themselves on being ?paperless,? delivering their ?warranties? by e-mail. They sent me a blank e-mail and replying to it my communication was bounced as ?addressee unknown.?

Complaining to Amazon.com got me a response from Square Trade and eventually something purporting to be a warranty. That?s when I found out that Square Trade?s first year of ?warranty coverage? is contemporary with the manufacturer?s original warranty.

In essence Square Trade is selling one year?s worth of additional coverage and calling it two. Their e-mail communications to me are either blank or lock up my computer. Whoever or whatever Square Trade is, they deserve the award for shoddy showmanship.

If dealing with them, even before the product arrives, is this difficult I expect that obtaining warranty satisfaction from them would be impossible.

Based on my initial experience with them, I?d strongly recommend avoiding them like the plague.

Again, Amazon.com was a pleasure to deal with but Square Trade stinks, although they want me to respond positively to their e-mailed customer satisfaction survey.


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