- I'm not easily fooled, but bitzino scammed me alright!

Posted on Thursday, June 12th, 2014 at 5:22pm CDT by 121b6076



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Category: Online Scams

Have you ever wished to have a way to discover how online casinos manage to cheat so easily their consumers? They really make you wonder how easy we make it for them to scam us. Online gamblers place their money into the hands of people and companies they know nothing about. The fact that you lose or win a game online, where you have no way to prove you have been scammed is even scarier. Usually it is impossible for online casino clients to even see the complete deck of cards while playing.

For that reason, I was really surprised to find the BitZino website. It seemed somehow different from the rest of the gambling sites one can easily find online. First of all, it deals with Bitcoin and has a special ?Probably Fair? button that gives you the opportunity to verify the authenticity of your shuffle. Is that button really FAIR is something I should have asked myself before starting to bet with that particular gambling website.

For the first few months I had no problem at all while playing at the virtual casino tables of the BitZino. I made few winnings and lost a little, so nothing unusual for a gambling experience. Everything changed, however, when I made a biggest bet than usual and actually win. Until that moment I had made few insignificant withdraws from time to time, in order to check the system. Now, I asked for a big amount of Bitcoin to be transferred from my BitZino account. That was the moment when all my problems began. First, it was some problem with the system, then it was some mistake I had made while setting up my account, at the end my Bitcoin was confiscated due to some sort of illegal activity in my account.

So, that was the real face of BitZino! Playing nice when small sums of money are concerned and turning the cards the moment some big comes around. I am sorry that I put my trust into such scam website, which exists with the sole purpose to rob its players of their money. Don?t let yourself be one of their next victims. Stay away from the scam BitZino and find some more productive ways to spend your money.


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