Shipito - Failure to deliver serivce as promised. Poor customer service

Posted on Thursday, June 12th, 2014 at 2:35am CDT by Mark C.

Product: Delviery service

Company: Shipito

Location: 2220 Meridian Blvd Minden, NV 89423 USA


Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

Shipito advertise themselves as a delivery forwarding service. I have been trying for over 4 weeks to get our goods delivered with no resolution in site.

They happily take you money via credit card to create an account and accept delivery of your goods. Once they receive your goods and you try and arrange the delivery to your final destination there are issues.

First they stop accepting credit card payments until you have verified your existence, something which I have never had a problem with on Amazon or Paypal etc.

They want you to provide an extraordinary amount of private data to them to continue to accept credit car payments which I was not comfortable providing to a US company where data breaches are common.

You try to talk to their help-desk but it appears they are not empowered to solve a problem and simple follow a script repeating the same lines over and over. You ask to do a EFT and then they suddenly want twice as much money as for the credit card transaction. Of course it takes about 3 calls to figure out how the EFT process is supposed to work and they refuse to issue an invoice.

Finally I gave up and decided to verify and simply never use them again but when you try to verify your existence by uploading up to 4 different pieces of documentation they still find a reason to reject at least one of the documents. There is no email communication from them regarding this process what so-ever.

Then about 3 days ago I get an option, that wasn;t there before, to verify my account by having an amount deducted from your card. This is similar to how other services work where you can enter a code from the transaction reference. After 3 days the transaction shows up on my account but when I login to their site there is no place to enter the "code". From what I remember they also requested that I enter the USD amount not a reference to verify, but the amount is deducted in my local currency and they don't include the USD amount in the transaction description.

I think all potential customers should be warned that these guys do not appear to be a legitimate business and look to use another service.


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