Shea Homes - Not Caring Since 1881

Posted on Thursday, June 12th, 2014 at 10:35pm CDT by Melanie M.

Company: Shea Homes

Location: 655 Brea Canyon Road
WALNUT, CA, 91789, US


Category: Building, Construction

We recently purchased a Shea Homes house, built in 2005, in La Costa Oaks' Highgrove development. The home inspection noted badly rusted weep screed around the perimeter of the house, including areas that have NO irrigation and an area (shown in photo) in the corner of the covered patio, on an inside wall, where there is no moisture source whatsoever. We were told by the neighbors that rusty weep screed was a problem throughout the development, and have spoken to several of them about it.

We wish to paint the exterior of our home, but were asked by our painter to repair the weep screed first (as it will rust through and ruin the paint). Also, the weep screed is intended to allow moisture an escape, and without properly constructed weep screed, the house may develop a mold problem. One neighbor informed us that they had contacted Shea Homes to have their weep screed repaired, and Shea offered to pay for half of the weep screed repair. The neighbors turned the offer down, requesting that Shea pay for the repair in its entirety. Shea Homes has not made us ANY offer regarding replacement - they have simply refused to respond to our written request.

Rudy, the second Shea Homes representative we spoke to, told us they don't fix weep screeds and that he was only at our home meeting with us to be "neighborly" - not to solve anything (see attached emails for further details). He stated that normally a builder wouldn't even come back after 9 years. However, it is my understanding, after speaking with several stucco repair people, that a weep screed is supposed to last a lifetime. Several stucco people I've spoken to told me that the weep screed shouldn't have rusted after 9 years. I asked Rudy why the weep screed was rusty where no water or irrigation is, he went through a long list of excuses. He finally shrugged his shoulders and blamed the former owner's dogs for allegedly urinating on the weep screed.

We wrote two emails to Shea Homes (see attached) which document our attempted conversation with Shea. As noted in our emails to Shea, to which they have NEVER responded in writing, we are now filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and elsewhere. We sent them a legal notice of a claim on May 6 by certified mail, which was received by Shea Homes on May 9, per USPS tracking information. They have NOT responded, despite the 14-day time frame legally required for such claims.

We are asking that Shea Homes replace the defective weep screed with vinyl weep screed and repair the affected stucco (it is damaged around the ENTIRE perimeter, except for one area covered by ledger stone, due to the rusty weep screed).

Since Shea is subject to "strict liability" laws, which state that homes are defective if they are not constructed as well as they should be, they are the sole party responsible for the defective weep screed. Yet, they remain silent. Title 7, Article 2 of Shea's own Master Declaration of Covenants for Highgrove at La Costa Oaks, covers dispute resolution and states that they will act in good faith. We filed a formal complaint in compliance with Title 7, which they rudely ignored. Title 7 offers mediation, but Shea refuses to even have a conversation with us! It is shameful that Shea won't stand behind their product and it is my contention that they know they have a problem. They are taking advantage of their customers. Consumers don't have effective recourse against such a large company.

Shea Homes acts like homeowners don't exist. Shea's corporate slogan, "Caring Since 1881," is simply not true in our case.


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