Glory tours & Travel - Do not beleive GLORY TRAVEL &TOURISM IN JORDAN

Posted on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 at 2:17pm CDT by BASSAM E.

Product: Travels &tours

Company: Glory tours & Travel

Location: Jordan -Amman-Shemisani-Shareef Nasser Street- 127 Ramez Complex


Category: Travel, Vacations

I would advise not to book with Glory Travel & Tourism company for the following reasons:

1 the plane is not comfortable and its AC is not working properly ... and delays in both directions

2 does not have a program guide and trip to Istanbul only on paper ... take you to the hotel and dumped there and does not see anyone and you'll be looking for places yourself.

3 hotel rooms are small and the smell of sewage in the bathroom strong and unbearable.

4 Internet doesn't work ...only at the door of the room. Small fridge does not work any will not be able to drink cold water, never.

5 The restaurant is small and suffering at breakfast.

6 Breakfast do not change ... boring ..

7 sauna too small and must be booked in advance by a full day.

8. Reception is very small and adjacent to the kitchen where you can not set in the reception small hall because of unbearable onions smell.

9. GYM does not work.

10 brothels adjacent to the hotel .. and prostitutes standing near the hotel.

There are a lot of negatives on this trip ......

I would advise arrange your trip yourself .. Book your own plane and arranged for the hotel on the Internet and do not trust the Jordanian tourism companies ... all crocks and shifty ..


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