Nationstar Mortgage - Poor Customer Service and Unfair Practices

Posted on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 at 11:09am CDT by 7f87fc6c

Product: Mortgage

Company: Nationstar Mortgage

Location: 350 Highland Drive


Category: Business, Finances

When I received my 1098 statement this year from Nationstar Mortgage, the information regarding the property taxes paid from my escrow account was incorrect. Over a period of several months, I contacted Nationstar customer service and each time, I was told that they had indeed made a mistake assured me that I would receive an updated statement. Unfortunately, they just kept sending me the same erroneous statement. Eventually, after 7 or 8 calls, several emails, and a couple of letters, I received a letter in the mail saying that they acknowledged that the statement was wrong, but that they would not provide me with an updated statement. When I again complained, I received a notice that my monthly mortgage payment was being raised (by over $100 per month). They say it was because they needed to start keeping an escrow "cushion", yet they hadn't needed this "cushion" before, and neither my taxes or homeowners insurance had increased. All I wanted was an accurate statement for my tax records!!!! Now I'm stuck with the erroneous statement and a higher payment. So, if you're thinking about financing or refinancing with Nationstar, BEWARE!!! Their customer care representatives are poorly trained, their customer service is horrible, and if you complain too much, they find some excuse to raise your payment!!


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