Abes Appliance Warehouse - Bad Appliances, Multiple complains on internet, Done Wrong

Posted on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 at 2:52pm CDT by Harrison

Company: Abes Appliance Warehouse

Location: 1930 Redmond Circle, N.W.
ROME, GA, 30165, US

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

I would like to state that my credit card states it was charged to Chad Abrams, however, research brought up another name, email which I assume is a business to contact them.

I was sold a bad appliance that did not last 90 days. I trusted Chad Abrams. He claimed he was honest. The appliance went bad. I am not familiar at all with Rome, Ga and at the time had friends to help me. I lost all my food to the first appliance, bad compressor, which I was ordered to return to Rome, Ga (disabled) long drive and for them to insult and say "throw in dumpster. This was hard on me and cost me money to pay for help.

I was given a 2nd appliance that began to act up on 2nd day. Some tape came down from ice maker and water began to go into fans. I immediately unplugged water and did not want to go thru the ordeal again. However, the appliance was bad as well. I only had his name at the time. I finally found his store in Rome, Ga and given his card and trusted him again. I was told warranty was only on first appliance, even though it was bad. I am disabled and the money I have lost is almost more than buying a almost new refrigerator.

Sadly, is his claiming to be a Christian on his card and the complaints on BBB and Appliance World, etc. The last refrigerator poured water and destroyed food for days. I am out at least $750 with steps to repair from the last appliance being so bulky and if it had been plugged into water at store, I would have known it was faulty.

I have been wronged and sadly, his ideal to fix problem is to give him again more money. I was sent to him by a business person that does large business in Rome, Ga. He was shocked as well to see that he did not sell me a good appliance. In fact, he had suggested this store, now of course he feels different and like myself feel this is a very bad business.

I am having to repair steps, I still do not have a refrigerator with children to feed and having a disease, fibromyalgia, I am sick most of the time and cannot come up with money or make the repairs. I trusted him and only hope that others read all the complaints. This was wrong.

Imagine, being told "oH, the replacement I did not give you a warranty." This is bad business and should not be allowed. Not a member of BBB which is understandable.


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