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Posted on Monday, June 9th, 2014 at 12:23pm CDT by Lalae B.


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BUYER BEWARE! There IS a reason that the $ total is not calculated BEFORE you're asked for your credit card information. You may find that the shipping, handling & fees add up to $29.80 for two puppets (+ free whatever). & the runaround that follows is even worse: you can't change your order til it posts (on so you call back & call back & by the time your order posts, GUESS WHAT! the order's already shipped!

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Lalae B., 2014-06-11, 04:27PM CDT

ADDENDUM: Despite Ellen (at Stretchkins) telling me when I called Monday morning that I could not change my order, it had already shipped... Blue Banana (Stretchkins' subcontractor) sent me an email Tuesday night at 11:27pm informing me that my order shipped Tuesday (not Monday morning). so BUYER BEWARE! Even though the dollar amounts do not amount to much, I'm expecting some kind of class action with regard to this shady operation. And I welcome it.

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