Jack sawyer asphalt paving - Scammed by jack sawyer

Posted on Sunday, June 8th, 2014 at 2:16pm CDT by Celia C.

Product: paving scam north dakota

Company: Jack sawyer asphalt paving

Location: 1940 s Broadway
MINOT, ND, 58701, US

URL: Jacksawyerpaving.com

Category: Building, Construction

This man jack sawyer 6 years ago stopped by my house with left over asphalt and took me to the cleaners. I wrote the check to Alan sawyer. Who was his cousin/partner I have been upset by this for 6 years so when a man came by my house named Fred brooks. Says he can repair my driveway I agreed he also scammed me and after I investigated Fred brooks was arrested in Wisconsin for a paving scam and come to find out he is jack sawyers brotherinlaw and partner and when I google Alan sawyer he also has been arrested for similar charges I feel so silly I am 86 years old and I am so upset by what happened I will never trust another person again. Another local company told me jack sawyer sprayed roof coating and gasoline on my driveway and it never dried and when he told me the asphalt was going to be 3 inches it was actually 1inch in most places I hope by me putting this on the web it will stop jack sawyer from scamming any other elderly people or hiring other scammers to do his dirty work. PLEASE DONT BE HIS NEXT VICTIM he will tell you of all the people going around scamming then he will scam you his self my kids are getting a lawyer and I am strongly thinking of going to the media and exposing this GYPSY SCAM JACK SAWYER IS BEHIND


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jack s., 2014-06-10, 07:10AM CDT

This is the owner of Jack sawyer asphalt paving..these are all lies that are being posted by competition...look up my company..i dont have no partners...and i dont go door to door selling leftover asphalt...i am going to get ip adresses traced..and sue for these false accusations..

Business Reply  jack s., 2014-06-12, 04:00PM CDT

who ever made this complaint should post your name and phone number...this is the owner of Jack sawyer asphalt paving and im being slandered by competition..i check me out on the BBB...and i have no partners by none of the name mentioned..

Business Reply  jack s., 2014-06-28, 06:05PM CDT

Please post your real name and who you are...my lawyers will find out who you are...you will never slander and tell lies on this company again!

MizArazi Z., 2015-01-09, 12:19PM CST

Sir, your lawyers cannot do a thing to this woman since she has the proof she needs to prove it all. If someone was going around using your name scamming people, your LAWYER would be trying to track down that person that is, rather than trying to scare an elderly lady! That right there proves the type of person you are. Instead of trying to get her information and track this joker down you want to cause her even more grief. These actions justify the customer satisfaction that the Lady has provided.

jack s., 2015-02-21, 12:56PM CST

please provide the proof of any of the things that you have wrote,The truth is that the person will never provide the proof because not one thing said is true,

a5b4830d, 2015-04-25, 02:20PM CDT

Yes this lady is absolutely correct!!! My elderly parents were also ripped off by Fred last year. Their driveway has completely crumbled into gravel and i have all the proof i need to sue !!! I will be contacting him soon to settle but if he doesnt comply the BBB,my lawyer, the IRS will all be notified !!!

Fred B., 2015-05-04, 07:03PM CDT

As the owner of Fred Brooks Asphalt Paving and Sealcoating of Wisconsin Dells, WI,I would like to say that I do not appreciate being defamed by the author of this post. I have proudly lived in Wisconsin for 44 years. I have never travelled past the outlying area of Wisconsin for business. I have also researched Jack Sawyer. He has been in Minot, North Dakota for quite some time, doing quality work. I feel that someone has made this complaint up as J. Sawyer has stated. I have an address and phone number on my contracts, and if someone needs to contact me, they can call. If my secretary is not in, a message can be left and I will return the call promptly. I conduct business as if I am the consumer. I do not leave a customer unhappy. I have a business to leave my children, and to do unreputable work is unacceptable. Lastly, to defame someone is punishable by law, and I will prosecute to the full extent of the law.

f803f1ea, 2015-07-28, 11:39PM CDT

I am researching some asphalt paving scammers, the Price gang, including Patrick, Jim, Martin sr & jr & John. This smear is probably their doing. I know they travel to ND in the summer to scam up there and then go to Texas in the cooler months to scam there. They do NOT honor their warranty & do crap work. They might be headquartered in Weatherford, TX where they own a 3/4 million dollar mini storage unit there under a Texas corporation that they are all listed as directors in.

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