Axon Connected - Breach of Contract, Bad Business Practices

Posted on Saturday, June 7th, 2014 at 3:15pm CDT by James K.

Company: Axon Connected

Location: 2322 Blue Stone Hills Drive Suite 20


Category: Business, Finances

This company signed a consulting agreement with me to provide a monthly retainer, then simply stopped paying me without modifying or terminating the contract. They currently owe me $30,000. I have notified them repeatedly that they are in breach of contract, but they refused to communicate with me for months. They recently responded but deny facts that I have indisputable evidence about.

I have had lawyers review this issue and they all agree that Axon is in breach of contract. I am also seeking other avenues for restitution.

This is simply bad and deceptive business practice. Axon needs to resolve this contract issue and come to a financial settlement. The CEO, Kent Murphy, is principally responsible for this situation.

Other people considering doing business with them should be very wary because they obviously do not honor their contractual obligations. In particular, this would include Federal research program managers and additional investors.

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Business Reply  Axon C., 2014-12-10, 01:40PM CST

Axon Connected terminated its consulting agreement with James in accordance with the terms of that agreement. James acknowledged the termination in writing to Axon at the time. Subsequently, James attempted to claim the consulting agreement required Axon to pay him guaranteed retainer payments for periods after its termination, which it clearly does not. In addition, in direct violation of the confidentiality provisions of the agreement, James began posting false statements and allegations about the agreement, Axon and its executives to numerous public websites. Axon, through its legal counsel, contacted James and his attorney to directly respond to his false allegations and demand that James remove his false statements from all public forums, to which neither James nor his attorney have responded.

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