State Farm Insurance (Mark Lewis) - Hit my credit card for different policy holder

Posted on Friday, June 6th, 2014 at 5:04pm CDT by Richard B.

Product: Auto Insurance

Company: State Farm Insurance (Mark Lewis)

Location: 8331 Lewiston Rd 8331 Lewiston Rd
BATAVIA, NY, 14020, US


Category: Unauthorized Charges

State Farm sent a cancellation notice and doubled my rates due to mix up with different policy holder. Hit my credit card for bogus charges that did not belong to me and not responsible for. Then sent cancellation saying I owed $123 after attempting to withdraw more money from my bank account. I called customer care and was given no reason why this was happening or the reason why rates doubled overnight. I highly warn against allowing State Farm to have access to Bank account information and if doing this, monitor charges very closely! I am unemployed and cannot pay for another persons bills, this is unacceptable by a "reputable" company..


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