Birdon America - Government contract in jeopardy!!

Posted on Saturday, May 31st, 2014 at 10:19pm CDT by db424eae

Company: Birdon America

Location: US

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Birdon America secured a government contract to build Bridge Erection Boats for the United States Army. The company purchased NAMJet to supply their waterjets for the boats. The management of NAMJet is Jim Ducker and Tom Hendrickson. They have consistently tried to hide things from Birdon America President Jamie Bruce. They intend to not comply with the government contract regulations. Their mentality is " we won't address these issues until the government makes us"! Jim Ducker has stated and been recorded in company held meetings stating that he does not want to enforce a Drug and Alcohol Policy. This is non-compliant with government contracts. Tom Hendrickson continues to go against the will of Jamie Bruce and government contract compliance to secure Chinese made parts for use in the US Army BEBs. This is also non-compliant with the government contract. Tom Hendrickson under the direction of Jim Ducker changed the schematic for the deflector gates at the "Start of Work" meeting without notification to the government team. The manufacturing facility is not secure per government contract regulations. The garage doors can be moved side to side and open despite being locked. This puts the GFE in danger of being abused. The NAMJet management seems to believe they can get away with whatever they want. Jim Ducker has approved work on the facility without Denver Building Department Permits Approval. He continues to threaten the building department to give permit approval or he will call the mayor. He said the Denver Mayor will do what he wants because he is a friend of his. This is corruption at its finest. The company had 1 senior engineer who was handling all the proper permit documentation and fulfilling all requirements to be compliant per county and federal regulations and Jim Ducker fired him without cause. Birdon America and NAMJet share the facility, therefore, Birdon America, should mandate that ?NAMJet become compliant in every way. Namjet and Birdon America should be investigated by the GAO and the contract be nullified. They are burning bridges in Denver and the USA and internationally. The NAMJet and Birdon America facility located at 4965 kingston street in commerce city colorado is not OSHA compliant. Despite recommendations by the fire department, internal engineers, external engineers, and suppliers, Tom Hendrickson and Jim Ducker refuse to not allow proper ventilation of the welding area or proper containment of the aluminum powder produced by grinding/buffing on the aluminum 5086. This process creates aluminum oxide and is explosive. Without proper collection of the aluminum powder it will gather and rust, creating thermite. Thermite is a catalyst for jet fuel. BEWARE all welders, machinist, engineers, fabricators, and other employees!! This facility is a ticking time bomb. The company does not comply with federal department of labor regulations. They do not issue pay stubs, honor put time, declare insurance limits before hire, are not honest about benefits and do not offer any type of retirement. Jim Ducker is a hatchet man who has run three previous companies into the ground. He is unstable, unreliable, untrustworthy, sneaky, a cheat, a liar and a very bad project manager and delegator. BEWARE!!


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